Jute is a plant or the fiber extracted from it. It is totally a natural product which is both eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers and it is only second to cotton in amount produced and usage. Jute known as the “Golden Fiber of Bangladesh”, is abundantly cultivated in most parts of Bangladesh. After extraction of the fiber jute plant is dried under the sun and later is used as fuel. On the other hand, the extracted fiber is used to produce variety of products.

Jute is mostly used as a) Packaging – bags and sacks, b) Geotextiles – landfill covering and embankment reinforcement, c) Hessian cloths of different types, d) Braids and webbing, e) Yarns of different types, f) Industrial and domestic twine, g) Specialized pulp and paper and finally as h) Handicraft material.

In Bangladesh, variety of “Handicraft Products”  are produced in different parts of the country. These products are normally house hold and official items which is manufactured for both local and global market maintaining the finest quality. The following is a glimpse of our range of Jute Products:

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