It is said paper making technique was developed in China during the early 2nd century CE. From then till now paper making has gone through many developments. Modern invention and techniques have taken paper producing industry to a new height. Paper has become a part and parcel in our everyday life be it at home, office, educational intuition or in the super market.

In addition to industrial manufacturing of paper and paper products, old fashioned handmade paper technique too has survived as a specialized craft in many countries. In Bangladesh too, we have craftsman who have developed specialized skill to produce “Handmade Paper” from different natural resources like jute, rice husk water hyacinth and other materials which are abundantly available around us. “Handmade Paper” is mostly used for producing diaries, writing pad, envelopes, business card, greetings card, decorative items, lamp shed and so many other thing. There are varieties of “Handmade Paper” that is produced in Bangladesh. The following is a glimpse of our range of Handmade Paper & Paper Products:

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