Today’s Bangladesh has a long history of heritage and culture. From ancient time traders used to visit this part of the world to trade and exchange various products. From different hand-written and printed document we come to know about “Muslin”, a cotton fabric of plain weave, hand woven in the region around Dhaka (now capital of independent Bangladesh). Muslin is probably the first hand crafted product of our Artisans from the area which today is known as Bangladesh.

Since our independence in 1971, different international and local NGO’s have come forward with various innovative ideas/programs to help war-torn Bangladesh. One such idea was to train and develop skills of the poor (both men and women) at rural level to produce handicraft products, whose raw materials are abundantly available within the country. Today “Handicraft” producers are located at different parts of Bangladesh and they are contributing in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Major “Handicraft Products” are made from jute, leather, wood, bamboo, straw, clay, metal, cotton and so many other items whose raw materials are easily available around us.

3P initially has started working with several products among vast list of “Handicraft Products” that is manufactured/produced in Bangladesh. 3Ps initial products are Sataranji, Diversified Jute Products and Handmade Paper. 3P intends to diversify its product base in the near future. At the same time 3P is preparing for customization as per customer’s requirement within its capacity.

Last updated on November 26th, 2018 at 10:39 am